...ALL Colors with Love and Respect

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Our Mission

We seek ways, through person-to-person communication, to show that we are committed to treating fellow human beings of all colors with love and respect.
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The Nation's persistent racial problems have brought feelings of anger, fear, and despair to many Americans. And though people of good will recognize these problems, they often feel powerless to address or correct them.

ERACE provides a forum for concerned people to come together to deal with the difficult and painful subject of racism. Our purpose is to create an atmosphere in which people feel free to explore perceptions, assumptions, and biases without fear of ridicule or personal attack. Within the ERACE setting, people can open their hearts and minds by questioning others and themselves in structured conversations.

Those attending ERACE meetings often leave feeling enlightened by the honest communication that takes place. It is this type of person-to-person interaction that offers the greatest hope in the struggle against racism. Join us and help spread the word: Eracism

Join us for discussion on Saturdays 10AM at:

(except holiday weekends)
10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Location: Christ Church Cathedral*
Westfeldt Meeting Room (Administrative entrance on the left side)
2919 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70115​

*ERACE is not a religious organization, we welcome people of all religions to join in the discussion about race.

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The Story Behind the Sticker

An Informational Video

          ERACE is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers and supported solely by donations that go toward furthering the group's mission. ERACE does not have a specific political or religious viewpoint. We do not endorse candidates for political office or engage in partisan politics. ERACE is made up of people with differing opinions on many subjects, but all of us focus our energies on ways to diminish racism in the global community.

Contact Us


phone: (504) 866-1163

P.O. Box 15795
New Orleans, LA 70175-5795

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