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prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.


ERACE is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers and supported solely by donations that go toward furthering the group's mission. ERACE does not have a specific political or religious viewpoint. We do not endorse candidates for political office or engage in partisan politics. ERACE is made up of people with differing opinions on many subjects, but all of us focus our energies on ways to diminish racism in the global community.


The Eracism movement grew out of the 1993 Times-Picayune series, "Together Apart/The Myth of Race," which prompted many letters and phone calls to the paper from the public. Many of these responses were filled with uncomprehending fear and hatred. Too many for Rhoda Faust, a white woman in New Orleans.
After reading one more ignorant response from a white woman that made her cringe, Rhoda Faust decided she had to take action.



Free Weekly Eracism Discussions

ERACE provides a forum for concerned people to come together to deal with the difficult and painful subject of racism. 


How to Stop Racism

We have put together a few documents to help guide you along the way to stopping racism.  


Eracism In Schools

 ERACE recognizes that issues of racism begin at a young age, and seeks to use technology to bridge this gap between students.

Eracism in the Workplace

The workplace is no exception to areas in which racism can affect people’s lives. ERACE  helps reduce issues of racism and cultural stereotyping through our Eracism in the Workplace Dialogues.


What Does

Eracism Mean?

The Bumper Sticker Says it All

Eracism is the slogan of the group ERACE, which was formed in New Orleans in the summer of 1993. The goal of ERACE is to foster dialogue between people of all races and, ultimately, to erase racism.  You don’t have to be an Eracism member to sport the popular bumper sticker on your car. But the number of stickers on the streets is testimony to the overwhelming grassroots support that ERACE has received since it began.

Today there are thousands of Eracism participants in New Orleans and elsewhere helping to promote interaction and communication among people of all colors.

The bumper sticker campaign was ERACE’s first activity and its success shows people that they are not alone in caring about racism.


P.O. Box 15795, New Orleans, LA 70175-5795  Tel: (504) 866-1163

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Erace Austin

Weekly meetings TBA - online through Zoom platform until further notice

(we will be following local guidelines in deciding when to resume in person meetings in 2021)

Those interested in joining a meeting or finding out more about the Austin chapter should contact us at: 



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