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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​

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Our 20th Anniversary Calebration, on June 20th, 2013, was a complete success!!! We would like to thank eveyone for coming out, donating, and sponsoring the event. Check out some moments from our fun filled evening!

ERACISM Discussion Points:  7/20/2013    

     Topic: “Juror B37 Gets a Lesson in Race Incitement” (George Zimmerman Verdict)


  • “The prosecution made mistakes/was poor/intentionally threw the case to avoid backlash.”

  • The media over-sensationalized the case, causing sides to be taken, for or against.”

  • “People reacted on a personal level, based on their prior biases and individual experiences.

  • “We all have biases that filter how we react to an ambiguous situation.”

  • “I think we all have a “revenge” drive.”

  • “This case points to the way the justice system is different for people of color (several case examples revealed).”

  • “Why was it an all white jury?”

  • “African Americans resist serving on juries, citing economic reasons.”

  • “All stereotyping is flawed in that we are all individuals.”

  • “ERACE could teach the country how to talk about these issues in a safe, respectful way, without personal attacks.”


Note: The Discussion was attended by: 5 African Americans; 5 Whites; 1 Asian American



ERACISM Discussion:  4/13/2013

“Accidental Racist”  - song by Brad Paisley & L.L. Cool Jay

Ten in attendance (4 Whites; 6 African-Americans)

Points made:
1.  Confederate flag:
     a.  A number of stories told where the flag was shown and people experienced racist behavior, including recent local incidents.
     b.   “seems like people are “cherry-picking” history and leaving out the story of slavery and it’s horrors.”
2.  “L.L Cool has been out of the “Hood” a long time and doesn’t experience racism.”
3.  “"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." 
       (Edmund Burke)
4.  “Its more insensitive than accidental.”
5.  “Slavery and American racism was not that long ago.”
6.  “White family wealth now is the result of the heritage of slavery”
7.  “It took some courage for these guys to get together and raise the issue”
8.  “The K.K.K. and Black Panters are not the same.”
9.  “There are some Northerners who think they are better than Southerners and Blacks are beneath them”  (One Africa-American from the North strongly objected).
10. “It’s mainly White people who need to be sensitized”
11. One member told of seeing a White man in the French Quarter standing in a trash can with a sign around his neck reading: “White Trash”. 

The Discussion went overtime with people not wanting it to end.

ERACE Weekly Discussion


ERACE discussion points: Public School Teaches “White Privilege” Class by Todd Starnes- 4/6/2013

All schools should have white privilege class; people thought they would have benefited from having a class like this when they were in school.
• There was an agreement on the fact that there is systematic discrimination and we should make young people aware.
• A white privilege class is not appropriate for a high school class because schools are already falling short. It should focus on reading, writing and arithmetic.
• It is a Fox news article and seems to have been written from a slanted position of parents complaining about this class and not the benefits of the class.
• African Americans have always been victims of white privilege.
• All of history has a European slant on it because it is written by the winners and conquerors, which dictates what goes in the history books that children learn from.
• It is wrong to teach white guilt and that blacks are oppressed. Not everyone is in either category.
• The class should make people aware and think about what should be done about it.
• White privilege should not be the focus of an entire high school class but is more appropriate for a college level course.
• White privilege is diminishing as we see with the election of President Obama.
• There is also a negative slant on the way Native American history is taught. Italians, the Irish, and Jews have all been victims of oppression.
• Kids have already been programmed to think one way so it is too late to educate them on race issues by the time they are in college.
• The class is considered radical left wing and parents believed right wing views should be included but what type of things would be included in a right wing view?
• White people do not have to think about race because it does not affect their everyday lives. African Americans are affected by it daily and taught about it because it could mean their lives in certain situations.
• The point of these meetings is to leave thinking “I never thought about that before” and spark thinking, which several people thought about by the end of this meeting.

ERACE supports Blairsville, GA 

We received a call to our voicemail number (504-866-1163) from a citizen in this town, upset with the KKK wanting to adopt a section of the Highway there. “I know we’re a mostly white, conservative community, but there is a small group of us who are very opposed to any support for this kind of group”. See the latest local newspaper about the community response: ERACE suggested a counter Rally whenever the KKK makes a public appearance and is shipping several ERACISM stickers and information to Blairsville

​​Thank You to a Generous Man... and Business

ERACE Weekly Discussion 

Article: “ Republican Racism Will Make Party Obsolete”  by Earnest Harris

Here are some opinions that were expressed at our ERACISM Discussion 2/16/2013:


• People are so loyal to Republican and Democrat parties that they agree with everything that party says, without making an independent decision based on the policy itself.

• Democrats and Republicans use similar tactics to recruit for and promote the party.
• The title of this article might offend or alienate potential members of ERACE who are Republican so it is important for us to remain open-minded to people from all backgrounds.
• Disagreements between party members can break up friendships because of different political beliefs.
• Republicans, whether rich or poor, seek to separate themselves (elitism) and be against poor people.
• All Republicans are not bad people but there aren't enough liberal ones to turn the tide of the rest of the party, some ERACE members are Republican.

The southern strategy to win elections and gain support is to unite all members through racism.

Republicans in Congress do not vote for President Obama’s policies even if they are beneficial, because he is black and not because he is a Democrat.

• Republicans appear to be uncompromising in their policy agendas when collaboration is needed between both parties for the good of the nation.


Merchandise and main logo photgraphy was graciously donated by


​​​​Printess Tate​​​

As you can see from the Stickers & Stuff page, he is an outstanding photographer; and he was a true pleasure to work with.  Check out his work at

          ERACE is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers and supported solely by donations that go toward furthering the group's mission. ERACE does not have a specific political or religious viewpoint. We do not endorse candidates for political office or engage in partisan politics. ERACE is made up of people with differing opinions on many subjects, but all of us focus our energies on ways to diminish racism in the global community.

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