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Tell your visitors a brief summary of your services. This is your subtitle. Tell your visitors a brief

summary of your services. This is your subtitle. 

What We Do!

ERACE provides the following services to foster love and respect for people of all colors:
Free Weekly Eracism Discussions
The nation’s persistent racial problems have brought feelings of anger, fear, and despair to many Americans. ERACE provides a forum for concerned people to come together to deal with the difficult and painful subject of racism. Our purpose with these Eracism Discussions is to create an atmosphere in which people feel free to explore perceptions, assumptions, and biases without fear of ridicule or personal attack. Those who attend the Eracism Discussions often leave feeling enlightened by honest communication. It is this type of person-to-person interaction that offers the greatest hope in the struggle against racism.

Trained Eracism Discussion Facilitators lead the conversations to ensure safe and productive meetings. Join us around the table in person in either New Orleans or Atlanta to discuss issues of prejudice and race in the news.  For more information on the times and locations of Eracism Discussions, click the Let’s Meet tab above.

How to Stop Racism

Our newest endeavor.  We have put together a few documents to help guide you along the way to stopping racism.  We are going to be adding more documents as time goes on, so please keep a look out.  If you have any suggestions or specific topics you would like us to touch on please let us know.

Eracism In Schools
It is an unfortunate fact that many of our schools today are characterized by defacto segregation. ERACE recognizes that issues of racism begin at a young age, and seeks to use technology to bridge this gap between students. In Fall 2010, ERACE launched its inaugural Eracism in Schools project to connect two New Orleans schools, one predominately white and the other predominately African-American, using video conferencing technology. Over the course of three Eracism Discussions, students had meaningful discussions about race relations, and even made new friends.

As ERACE plans to expand this project by bridging more diverse schools in New Orleans, and around the country, we need your help. To get involved with this project as a volunteer, a participatory school, or a sponsor, please contact Bill Knecht at

Eracism in the Workplace
The workplace is no exception to areas in which racism can affect people’s lives. Many businesses face issues of racism that affect their employees, and sometimes even their customers. Whether you are in a for-profit business, not-for-profit business, a large organization or a small organization, ERACE can help reduce issues of racism and cultural stereotyping through our Eracism in the Workplace Dialogues.

Each Eracism in the Workplace Dialogue is customized to fit the needs or your business. Instead of presenting your employees with dull facts and statistics about diversity, trained ERACE facilitators will lead up to 30 staff members from your organization in a 90-minute candid, honest, and respectful discussion about race relations, cultural sensitivity, or the topic of your choice.

Though we are located in New Orleans, Louisiana, we have the capability to lead Eracism in the Workplace Dialogues using video conferencing technology across the nation. For a detailed description and pricing information about Eracism in the Workplace, please click the link below:

For Eracism in the Workplace Outline and Pricing contact Bill Knecht at

*Note: Ask about special non-profit pricing

Sale and Distribution of Eracism Merchandise
ERACE is a non-profit organization run solely by volunteers. One way to show that we are committed to treating fellow human beings of all colors with love and respect is through the sale and distribution of Eracism Merchandise. From bumper stickers, to t-shirts, to baseball caps, the more we share our symbol against racism with our communities, the closer we are to reaching our goal. All proceeds from merchandise sales go directly into providing our services.

Order your Eracism Gear Today and Spread the Word!  Click here for Stickers and Stuff.

For more information on these services, and more, please contact us at

          ERACE is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers and supported solely by donations that go toward furthering the group's mission. ERACE does not have a specific political or religious viewpoint. We do not endorse candidates for political office or engage in partisan politics. ERACE is made up of people with differing opinions on many subjects, but all of us focus our energies on ways to diminish racism in the global community.

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